Business Law. Period.

Our Focus.

Because our firm is limited strictly to business and transactional legal services, we might be considered a “boutique” law firm. “Focused” might be a better description. The bottom line is that we know what we’re good at, and we stick to that.

Experienced and Confident Advisors.

We’re experienced lawyers who aren’t afraid to give straightforward, direct and unqualified advice. We’ll explore all sides of an issue, and, although we might give you alternatives, you won’t hear a lot of qualifiers, like “if”, “maybe” or “on the other hand”. We’ll tell you what we think. You may not always like the answers we give, but you can be sure that we’re confident about our advice.

Good at What We Do.

Or so we’ve been told. But, because we’re business lawyers, we don’t handle litigation. When a client needs help with a litigation matter, we have a network of trial lawyers who are the best in their respective areas of expertise. We are committed to solving problems and finding solutions without resort to litigation if at all possible.

We Won’t Waste Your Time or Money.

We understand that our clients want to manage their resources wisely. Not every legal problem is a “bet-the-company” issue. While we strive for perfection, we know when enough analysis is enough. We run a very lean and efficient practice and are able to turn around work in a cost-effective manner.

Pride in Our Clients’ Loyalty.

We have many clients dating back 25 years, and we consider them friends. That’s our goal with every new client.

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